Our Top 3 Dating Tips For Men of 2017

dating tips for men

If you are a man looking for a woman that you can date on a regular basis, there are some strategies that you should use. Many men become confused as to what to say, how to act, or even where to meet the very first time. Making one wrong decision could compromise this initial meeting, making it difficult to form any type of relationship. There are three dating tips that men can use to improve their chances of having a very successful first date. Let’s first discuss how you can weigh the odds in your favor of having a successful date by finding women that share common interests.

How To Search For Women To Date

Before discussing the three dating tips that men should use, you should consider where you should start meeting women. Some people will use tried-and-true methods such as going to a nightclub, or they may even get set up with a proverbial blind date. However, there are better ways to connect with people in our digital age. Using online services and apps that will connect you directly with people that are very similar to yourself it is a strategy that works very well. If you share common interests, there is a higher probability that you will have an initial date that will go smoothly, even if you make a few mistakes. Once you have set up your date, you will then want to meet at a place where both of you will feel comfortable. Many people will choose a coffee shop, or even a restaurant, so that they can sit and talk with each other. After this is set up, you will then be ready to proceed with the date itself using the following three tips.

Confidence is KEY

One of the primary characteristics that women are always looking for with a man is confidence in the way they carry themselves. This should not be confused with being egotistical or overbearing. You simply need to present yourself in a way that shows that you have self-confidence. If you act timid during your initial meeting, this is almost always a turnoff. They need to know that you are sure of yourself, and the things you stand for, which will be obvious when they have a conversation with you.

Be Conversational – But Let Her Talk TOO!

Another characteristic that you must convey during this meeting is that you are willing to listen. Many men that are confident often proceed through the entire date talking about themselves. This might be a cultural aspect of their upbringing, believing that they need to impress the woman by talking about all of their many accomplishments. However, a woman needs to know that you will listen to them, and most importantly, that you are actually interested in what they have to say. If you spend at least half of the conversation listening to what they are talking about, and responding in a meaningful manner, they will want to have further conversations with you because this particular characteristic in a man is often very rare.

Humor Never Hurts

This characteristic might be one of the most important ones that you can develop as a man. You need to get her laughing. The problem with this particular strategy is that many men are not genuinely funny, although they may believe that they are. They might crack jokes that are inappropriate, or insensitive, believing that the woman is also going to laugh when there was nothing funny with what they said at all. Humor is a combination of both understanding how to say funny things and also doing so intelligently. This might take a little bit of practice, especially if you have never been a very funny person. If you are typically uptight, or if you carry yourself in a matter of fact way, you can be perceived as being very boring. If you can develop any one characteristic, becoming funny is one that will keep women coming back to you because they will enjoy your company. It is one of the most important skill sets that any man can have because women enjoy spending time with men that can make them happy.

Final Thoughts

If you are able to develop these three characteristics in your personality, you should have no problem at all getting through the first date and all of the subsequent ones. If you have found a woman that you like, you will likely keep them interested in you if you are confident, funny, and if you take the time to listen. If you master these three simple skills, you will find that every date that you have will likely be successful with each new person that you meet.

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