The Best Fleshlight Reviews of 2017

The Fleshlight (aka the fleshlite) is the number one best-selling sex toy in the world that is designed to deliver immense pleasure to men, and for good reason – it is exactly as advertised. While it may seem like nothing can replace the “real thing”, the Fleshlight provides an amazing experience, and feels just as good as sex when used right – some guys even say they like it better.

As Good as the Real Thing?

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We’re big fans of the Fleshlight, and know you will be too after giving it a try. We’ve broken it down to four reasons why it’s worth your investment:

1. It’s A LOT Better than Traditional Methods

If you’re considering buying a Fleshlight, it’s probably because you’re wondering if there are better options than what you’ve been using your whole life. Pretty much every guy is going to find a way to please himself if he isn’t getting enough of the real thing, and after a while, it just becomes not as fun anymore. This is the same reason we decided to try out the Fleshlight – we were looking for something new…something different. Well, we can assure you that after trying the Fleshlight, you’ll never be going back to Rosie Palm again. The two really can’t compare, and once you’ve given the Fleshlight a try, we’re confident you’ll agree.

2. Feels Like the Real Thing

try the flashlight today

This is one of the most important factors when considering whether or not you want to own an FL. Is it going to feel real? The answer is, it’s about as close as it gets, especially when compared to similar devices on the market. Nothing compares really, and that’s because the creators of the Fleshlight, developed a technology so sophisticated that they were able to patent it, so it truly is one-of-a-kind. It’s known as “SuperSkin,” which is made right here in America, and if you haven’t felt it before, you should definitely check it out. It feels so incredibly real, you will be totally blown away the first time you have the chance to try it. So, when we say skin, we mean it! The FL feels about as close to the “real” thing as you can get, and we are confident you’ll agree after the first time you try it. They’re made in Austin, Texas, so you know you’re getting something that is high quality, and not a low-grade import product.

3. Easy to Clean and Discreet

The FL was built for efficiency, so obviously it’s going to be really easy to use, and you will be able to enjoy it for many years, while it maintains its overall look and feel. The best part is, they are also super easy to clean. All you’re going to need is some warm water and some mild suds. Give it a quick rinse, and you’re good to go until next time. This was definitely a huge selling point for me, as I don’t want to spend a ton of time with upkeep, and I like to get it put away right after use, so I can keep it more incognito.

Also, because of the Fleshlight’s design, it is discreet looking and doesn’t scream “sex toy,” if you’re worried about your partner or a nosy visitor finding it. It tucks aways easily, and can easily be hidden in a nightstand or other part of your home without drawing much attention.

4. Built For ALL Sizes

Unless you’re Mandingo, chances are you and the FL are going to be good friends. It can accommodate up to 1o inches, so most guys should be doing just fine. On the smaller side? Good news – the FL doesn’t care, and it will still provide the same incredible experience for all users!

A staple in the FL line of masturbation products, the Classic Pink Lady was the first sleeve ever developed and crafted from their patented SuperSkin™ material. A timeless product, this classic will keep you happy for years to come and is their number one selling product, so you can be confident when you buy it.

Is the Fleshlight Easy to Use?

The short answer is YES! For the best results, you will want to give it a quick rinse with warm water. This will help the Super Skin feel more like the real thing, and it is definitely worth the extra time to get things warmed up. This will also loosen things up a big, and if you have enough time you may even want to go beyond the rinse and let it soak for a few minutes. But beyond that, just stick to the instructions that come with the device after purchase, and you will be all set. Bottom line is that you’ll find out what you enjoy the most after you get some experience, and over time you will know what feels the best.

Once you’ve finished, go through some of the cleanup that we mentioned above, and then to finish up just dry it and you’re going to be all set for your next Fleshlite session.

Is There More Than One Version?

Yes. If you’re considering trying out the FL, it really is worth your time to visit their official site just to see what they have to offer. There are dozens of different options and upgrades, so while you may have just thought you wanted to original Fleshlight, you may end up going with an entirely different unit. Let’s take a quick look at just a few of the options they currently offer:

Fleshlight Girls

flashlight girl nikki benz

Fleshlight has a bunch of custom units that are the exact molds from a bunch of your favorite porn actresses. Nikki Benz, Annika Albrite, Stoya, Nicole Aniston, Jesse Jane, Tera Patrick, and Riley Steele are just a few of the names that headline the options. There are more than 20 custom FLs to choose from, so if you’ve always dreamed of having a chance to nail your favorite adult film star, now’s your opportunity. The crew at Fleshlight is always adding new stars to their lineup, so you’ll want to checkout the line now, and if you don’t see a girl you like, you can check back and see if they’ve been added to the fleet. The best part is though, for about $80 you can be sleeping with your favorite star, which is pretty awesome, and pretty cost friendly when you think about it.

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Are You an Ass Man?

As you can see, there are many options to choose from!

Well good news there, because the makers of the FL have you covered. While their original model is usually the crowd favorite, they also offer backdoor options, as well as a bunch of other upgraded versions, so no matter what you fancy chances are they definitely have an option for you. They even have a model known as the “Flight” which is meant to be more discreet and can be taken on your plane ride, a build your own option, and even one that offers a vibration feature, so no matter what you’re into they’ve got you covered!

Stamina Training Units

FL also offers a model that is designed to help guys who want to build up their stamina and deal with any premature ejaculation issues they may be dealing with. They’re a great option if you’re wanting a proven method for addressing these issues, and can help you build up your confidence so you can last longer and provide more pleasure for you and your partner. Finishing the job too early is one of the more embarrassing things out there, and can leave both of you feeling pretty disappointed, so if you’ve been looking for a way to last longer, this may be just the Fleshlight for you.

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