Exactly How to Get Harder Erections

how to get a harder erection tipsGetting a larger and harder erection is a common quest for many males – fortunately¬† if you fall into this category there are several things that you can do to make your boner fuller and firmer! First and foremost though, if you are having a hard time getting it up, you really do need to seek the advice of a qualified medical professional. Erectile dysfunction can often be first sign of another underlying medical condition, so you will want to get a full inspection from your doctor! For the rest of us though, we just want to get our dicks a little harder. This could be for a variety of reasons – maybe you’re wanting to provide additional pleasure for your partner, or maybe you just feel like you’re boners are a little softer than they should be. Fortunately if you fall into this category, there are several tools that you can utilize to ensure that you have one of the hardest dicks around! Without further ado let’s break down some of the top ways to get super hard:

1. Pumps

As far as devices go, one that has been proven to increase the hardness of your penis is the water-based penis pump. We have mentioned The PenoMet many times on this site, for good reason. It is simply the best pump on the market, and if you want a noticeably stronger, thicker, and even heavier boner, then we really recommend giving this bad boy a try. They offer an unheard of 1 year money back gurantee, so you really have nothing to lose if you decide to take it for a test drive – and your penis may even end up thanking you for it!

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2. Cardio

Believe it or not, one of the first things that can make your member softer is a bum ticker (aka heart). If haven’t been exercising like you should have, and have now entered your late 30s or 40s, then your Mr. Softy may have something to do with your poor physical health. As we mentioned above you absolutely need to consult with your doctor if your softness is a cause for concern, and you also need to check in with a physician before starting any exercise regime – this is especially true if you have been sitting idle for a long time!

Cardio will also help you shed those excess pounds, and being skinnier can help you get harder erections as well, so these two pretty much go hand in hand, or dick in hand? Who knows…in any case, you get the idea!

get enough sleep to get a bigger and harder dick3. Catch those Zzzzs

Sleep deprivation can have a negative impact in many areas of your life, and can even effect your ability to get hard. That means you need to get those 7 or 8 hours that doctors recommend, so you can have a nice full boner the next time you’re feeling frisky! No one¬† (well, no guy at least) wants to be too tired for sex, and they certainly don’t want their drowsiness to impact their erection quality, so make sure you’re catching the proper amount of shuteye!

4. Have MORE Sex

We’ve all heard “practice makes perfect” and when it comes to your penis health, this can be especially true! Look, the more sex you have, the more male hormones your body is going to produce, thus a healthier, hard penis! So the next time your wife tells you she has a headache when you ask to have sex, make sure to tell the health of your penis depends on putting it to use at least 2-3 times a week – hopefully she’ll fall for it!

5. Healthy Diet = Healthy Penis

That’s right – turns out all of those triple cheese burgers haven’t been great for your penis! If you have a poor diet, especially one that can impact your heart health, then you may be at risk for erectile dysfunction. If you want a diet that offers more benefits than harm for your body and penis, then you should consult with your doctor again for healthy diet ideas, or just find a book on the subject. There are a ton of great diets on the market today, so there should be something available that can fit your tastes and lifestyle. Basically though just make sure you’re not eating a Rodeo Burger for every meal, and you’re mixing in plenty of fruits a vegetables – if could mean a healthier sex life!

These are just a few ways that you can make your dick harder, and we hope that they have helped you in your quest to have a healthier wang. If you need some more inspiration check out the video at the end of this post for some more great tips!

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