Our Promescent Review – The Best Penis Numbing Spray

Many of us men out there have suffered from the debilitating effects of premature ejaculation (PE), then we know how truly awful it can be. If you are one of these men, all I have to say is thanks God for Promescent! If you have been struggling to fix your PE, stop everything you’re doing, and find some Promescent as fast as you possibly can. This may sound crazy, but I can personally tell you that I suffered through PE for years, and tried everything under the sun, until I was lucky enough to finally find this amazing ejaculation treatment.

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Now let me just start off by saying, that I may not fit the PE diagnosis to a “T”. And I have a feeling that most of you dudes out there are going to find my story very similar. With the exception of the very first time that I had sex, I never had a problem with reaching the finish line within the first 15 or 20 seconds…it has always been more like 2 to 3 minutes. And while this may not totally fit the PE standards, it has always been much quicker than I, or my partner, would like! Because my speed sessions were leaving me embarrassed and unsatisfied, I decided to research ways that I could last longer, and ended up trying a variety of different methods and techniques. Some worked OK, and others actually worked great, but I can tell you that without a doubt Promescent has been the best premature ejaculation tool that I have found and has become the go-to tool in my stamina repertoire.

Now before I get into exactly why I love Promescent, let me tell you just a few of the other things that I tried first. When I originally decided to seek out help in this department, I started by looking for videos online. I came across some tantric and Kama Sutra information, and while it sounded good, it was much harder to put into practice. If you follow either of these teachings, you will probably come away with some pretty useful information, and I imagine if you had the time to devote to either, you would probably become a world class lover. Unfortunately the time element was the big draw back for me, as most of the techniques the introduce require a huge amount of dedication and practice. Basically I was left searching for other options, and the next one I found actually ended up being a huge stroke of luck!

I actually came across promescent while reading an article on Yahoo! one day, about how it was close to becoming one of the very first premature ejaculation sprays that was FDA approved and doctor recommended. The authors were clear that there was just something that was different about this spray, and the big news was that it actually worked! I have tried other delay sprays, and let me be the first to tell, they just don’t seem to work all that great. There are a bunch on Amazon, and many have great reviews (although, I truly question the authenticity of most of them!), but you will most likely be disappointed, if you decide to go the “cheaper route”! I can be the first to tell you that there is just something different about promescent. For whatever reason, it just simply works, and I was able to discover this after ordering the “trial” sized version that they offer online. I think it cost somewhere around $20, but let me tell you – it was 100% worth it! For me, I only needed a couple of sprays, and I was able to up my stamina by almost 30 minutes! In fact, I was basically able to last until my partner was totally satisfied, which has always been a huge goal of mine!

So if you have ever had problems with lasting long enough, and you have tried everything that is out there with little success, like I did, then it is probably time to go with something that actually works! While I can’t promise you that you will have the same experience that I did, I feel pretty confident in recommending this product, and I am pretty positive that you will be happy that you gave it a try! I’m on my third regular sized bottle, if that’s any indicator!

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