Best Penis Enlargement Options

Let’s face it: There are plenty of men out there who just simply aren’t satisfied with the size of their penis, so if this is you, just know that you are not alone. Fortunately there are several options available for men who are looking to make their package larger. We have researched this topic extensively, and have identified some of the pest enlargement methods available today. Below you will find a list of our favorite methods, and those that we have found have the best reviews. Hope you enjoy!

1. Natural Techniques, AKA Penis Stretching

Whenever we can we always recommend natural methods for making your dick bigger, and stretching is an age old technique that males have been using for years for adding length. There are several methods and programs that can provide advice for doing this method properly, and we really do recommend that you follow the advice of an expert if you decide to try any of the methods that we have identified. This is especially true for stretching.

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The Average Penis Cure is a course that shows you exactly how to apply these all-natural growth techniques, to help ensure that you see maximum results. Keep in mind that not all of this stuff works for everyone, so you may or may not see the same results as the next guy, but the folks at PEB report that if you follow their program correctly, you may be able to achieve 2-4 inches in growth! Not too bad for just using what god gave ya!

The stretching technique is also referred to as “jelqing”, which is another pretty specific method of promoting penile growth, and a simple YouTube search will yield dozens, if not thousands, of videos that describe the process in full detail. Again, any free advice you find may or may not work, and you will be going down that road at your own risk. Below is a jelqing video that sort of gives a run down of this ancient ritual:


2. Penis Extenders, AKA Stretchers

penis-stretchersPenis extenders provide another option for peni growth, and they actually have some real research behind them, believe it or not. One thing that is very important to note with any of these methods, is that you do risk causing damage to your penis if you don’t perform these exercises using the proper technique and following the directions that are provided by either the manufacturer or the author of the program. Extenders have been proven to work, but they also been shown to cause damage if not used properly, so you will want to be crystal clear on how to use them when strapping them to your wang!

As far as the extenders go the SizeGenetics is a very nice option, and is relatively affordable when you consider the potential growth that you could achieve. Not only has it been on the market for more than fifteen years, but the SG guys claim that their extender can produce 1-3 inches of tangible size increase, so if used properly, it could definitely be worth a shot! They are also one of the only companies in this field that can claim that their product is a “certified medical device” as well as the fact that it is endorsed by doctors! That’s pretty reassuring stuff right there!

3. Pumps

Penis pumps have been around for years, and there are some pretty mixed reviews on many of them. The old tried and true air pump is probably what most people are most familiar with, and while they might work for some folks, it doesn’t sound like they are the best pumping option these days. As technology has improved, so has the pump, and from what we have read, the water-based penis pump may be the way to go if you decide to get your pump on!

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If you decide to try the water-based pump, we think the BathMate by HydroMax looks to be the best…after all, it’s the original! They have a pretty scientific explanation for why this thing work on their website, and while we could bore you with details about penile chambers and how this thing excercises your member, we’ll let them explain it all in this video below. All we know is that they claim that the BathMate can produce results of 1-3 inches, so it could be worth a shot if you’re not happy with the size of your dick!

You’ve Gave Us Some Decent Info…Now What?

Well, as you can see if you’re looking to take a stab at making your dick bigger, you have some options. All of them have decent reviews if you search for them online, and most all of them say they can help you achieve 1 to 3 inches in growth. Because they all offer pretty similar growth potential, it really just boils down to what you are most comfortable with. If you think the nice warm water of a BathMate sounds nice, then you should definitely give them a try. Or maybe you’re more of a natural dude, and if that’s the case, then give the Penis Bible a shot. Just remember to consider the risks; read the company’s disclosures and the directions carefully! Either way, we wish you the best of luck!


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