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penis-stretchersYou have seen what we have had to say about penis stretchers, and as we’ve said before, there is actually a TIME magazine report that shares a peer reviewed study, that documented that penis extenders did produce real, tangible results, so take that for what it’s worth! Either way, you will want to do your research, so you don’t risk causing real damage to your penis! At the end of the day, you need to weigh the risk vs. reward when deciding whether or not you want to try a penis stretcher.

For those who don’t know, penis stretchers or extenders are a device that pretty much just like the picture that you see here on the page. Now there are various models and brands of stretchers, but they all pretty much work on the same basic principle; you attach your penis in the extender, and it slowly stretches it out over time. When it comes to extenders, you will probably get what you pay for, so you will want to find a product that is high quality, has good reviews, and that has been proven to work. From what we have read, the SizeGenetics Extender seems to have the best feedback, and most loyal following online. Like the stretcher that you have seen above, the SizeGenetics model pretty much looks the same, but has been updated over the years to improve comfort and funtionality. penis-extenderWhen and if you decide to actually use one of these devices you will want to read the instructions carefully, as they are very detailed, and straying from anything the company recommends, means you’re putting yourself at risk for injury. They have pretty strict guidelines for how long you are supposed to have these things strapped to your penis, so you will want to read the literature provided, so you don’t go overboard and shred your johnson!

Once you have extender firmly (no pun intended!) in place you will probably notice a slight tugging motion, because that is what these things do – slowly stretch out your penis. The more you use, the better chance you apparently have of seeing a larger penis.

Like any of the devices you see here or anywhere, make sure you seek out a lot resources, so you can decide if it’s safe, and if it’s something that you’re comfortable using. There are plenty of people out there who say the extenders work, but the deeper you dig, you will also see alot of info that condemns these things, so ultimately you will have to decide for yourself. Below are a couple of videos from people who have used these things, so see if you’re buying what they have say!

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