Find Out How to Make Your Dick Grow Bigger and Thicker

how-to-get-a-bigger-cockGetting a big dick through natural growth methods is a popular topic these days, and luckily for you we are here to point you in the right direction! It can be hard to navigate the penis enlargement world, and it can be even easier to get bogged down in stuff that just doesn’t work. We’ve been scouring the internet for the latest and greatest products and programs in the male enhancement world, and are happy to share what we have found with you!

Some of the stuff we have come across has been complete garbage, others appear to inflict damage and even injury, but through it all there are some penis programs out there that appear to offer real, tangible results for the guys who try them.

First, you must realize that not all enlargement programs are created equal, and they all don’t have the same results for everybody. Some guys may experience a noticeable size gain, while others may not see anything at all. This can depend on a variety of factors, and really depends on the person’s body, commitment, and whether or not they adhered to the advice they are given.

Below we have a few tips for getting a larger dick, and if you follow our suggestions and some of the tips we lay out on our bigger penis page, then you will hopefully be one of the men who enjoys fabulous results!

Patience, Patience, Patience

When it comes to actually getting a longer and thicker wiener, it is not going to happen overnight! Many of the programs we have reviewed have demonstrated results, but they all take time! Take a look at the Penis Advantage system (one of our favorites!), for example. There have been some great results reported, and this is an enlargement system that is all-natural, but for their techniques to actually work, you are going to have to be committed, and willing to stick it out! Through this method you are required to try a series of stretching techniques, and it takes just a few minutes a day, but to actually see a larger member hanging from your torso, it’s going to take more than a week. Heck, it may take months, it is just going to depend how badly you want a bigger schlong!

With all of this being said, this program is totally natural, and doesn’t involve any extra investment on your part. So means no pumps or stretchers or anything like that – just your hands! Check it out:


Fail, and Try Again

Now listen…not every program is going to work for every guy, so be prepared to bounce around a time or two before landing on something that works. But like we have mentioned above, if you pick a program, you need to follow it to a T. If you go through the plan just as they lay it out, then you will have a better chance at success. Stretching though isn’t always going to be for everyone, and if you’re not that person then you may want to see if a penis pump or stretcher is an option for you. We have detailed the research on stretchers on our other page, but there is some research out there that says they work. Kind of like the Advantage system though, for these devices to work, it takes time…a lot of time. So again, keep trying, and stick with it if you’re serious.

By all accounts penis pumps haven’t demonstrated any long term results, but they can pump up your manhood in the short term. For this to be effective, we have read that it often involves using the pump with a penile ring, so you can hold in the extra blood that is pumped in. Sounds like you’ll definitely want to exercise some caution here though, as it can be dangerous to leave those rings on for too long, and they may even cause serious damage! But, if you’re looking to impress someone in the short term, then it sounds like they could possibly be an option. Just make sure to look for one that is high quality, and has some reputation behind it. There are definitely going to be those that work better than others, and it is usually worth the few extra dollars you will have to pay to get something that his high quality and durable.

Be Happy with Small Gains

When it comes to enhancing your manhood, you are not always going to see mega results. In a lot of cases it may be just a few centimeters, and if you’re really luck, you may see a few inches of growth. Either way, in the end you just need to be happy with whatever you are able to accomplish in the growth department, and be happy with the equipment that you have. If you don’t have a partner who enjoys your package, then it may be time to move on and start looking for someone who is happy with whatever penis you’re bringing to the sack – in the end, this will make you the most happy anyways!

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How to Get a Bigger Penis Sans Pills

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