Hydropumps: What Are They & Do They Work

Those of you have been searching for penis enlargement options for a while now have most likely come across something called a “hydropump.” These devices fit into the penis pump category, but rather than using air to build the suction that helps stretch and grow your penis, they rely on water, hence the “hydro” part of their name.


From what we have been reading and watching the hydro pumps are more comfortable than traditional pumps, and seem to produce better results long term results. These claims seem to be backed up by the fact that the leading hydro pump manufacturer, HydroMax, has sold more than a million of their pumps in 70-plus countries around the world. HydroMax produces a product called the Bathmate, which comes in a couple of sizes and has been in production since 2006, so it has a few years of use to help substantiate their claims. If you do any research on the internet you will come across hundreds, if not thousands, of BathMate reviews from many satisfied customers. There is even a Reddit dedicated to this device!

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For those wondering exactly how a hydro pump works, we can tell you that it relies on water to help form a suction around the the bathmat penis enlargement devicebase of your penis. This means that you can let this bad boy work while you are in the comforting waters of your shower or bath, and trust us, the warm water from a Bathmate actually feels pretty nice! Besides the fact that it actually feels pretty good, there are several factors that explain how and why these things work. First off the hydropump is able to stimulate the three chambers of your penis, and does so in such a way, that it actually expands them. These chambers are what give you an erection in the first place, so by making them bigger, it allows them to fill with more blood, thus helping to give you a firmer and larger boner. With regular use of a Bathmate, the first thing that you might notice is that your penis is getting thicker, followed by an increase in length, as detailed nicely in this Bathmate subReddit. In addition to having a longer and thicker erection, users have also reported that their flaccid penises have been much longer as well, which could help give that “hung” guy status in the locker room! There’s actually a bit more to why hydropumps work, and we’ll let the manufacturer explain in more detail:

Sounds pretty legit, right. Well, if you’re ready to give this super cool hydro penis pump a try, you can learn more about them here!

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